AUSCB Compact Magnetic 1/4 Wave UHF Antenna


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This Compact Magnetic 1/4 Wave Antenna improves the performance of a handheld by allowing the antenna to be higher and clear compared to transmitting inside the vehicle.  

This antenna is tuned to the Australian UHF CB Band (unlike some other similar mini mag styles that are not, or don’t actually tune anywhere).  

Compact and discreet size at only 30mm across the base, yet when placed on a flat metal surface will not come off a highway speeds. Has a larger magnet than other similar types.  Overall height is 150mm. 

Despite it’s compact size, these antennas work exceptionally well by using the car’s metal shell as a ground plane to improve performance.  Gain 2.15dBi (you will see some mini mag antennas shorter than this, claiming 2.5 – 3.3dBi – this is an exaggeration).

Comes with 3.25m of RG174 50 ohm coax, terminated with a SMA fitting to suit the AUSCB antenna socket. RG174 fits under the car’s rubber door seals much better than RG58 and can be tucked into the door frames edge lining much easier.

Can be used with an in-car Mobile CB when used with the correct SMA to PL259 adapter (not supplied) as a typically ‘plug and play’ system.

SWR < 1.5:1 @ 477Mhz.

Note that the SMA fitting does not need to be done up tight to the AUSCB antenna socket, just a gentle stop is all that is required.

If required, I can tune these to other UHF LMRS frequencies – just ask.  10W max. input.