Geoff – hi what a good radio had a qso off 12km first day I got this I will buy again very happy thanks you auscb gear.

C Janson – Super happy with our radio, surpasses other well known brands by a long way. Perfect clarity and signal. Highly recommended.

N Lennon – I purchased 2 AUSCB uhf radios a few months ago especially for a Road trip around New Zealand in a group of 4 vehicles. We used the AUSCB radios at the front and rear vehicles as the signal was superior. They certainly made our trip a lot easier with good communication. Thanks you.

Matt C – Easy to use radio, better range than my GME 5er by heaps!

T and J Rogers – We put four AUSCB 80 Channel 5w Handhelds into service almost three years ago and they’re still performing like new. Thanks AUSCB.

J L Hall – The seller is a radio enthusiast whose passion for the industry is apparent through his very friendly and enthusiastic service. I am so pleased with how I was treated, the advice that I was given and the awesome product that I received. Shipping was super quick and the parcel and the contents arrived in perfect condition. I unreservedly recommend the seller and the products. John L Hall

A Jacob – Well built and easy to use. Excellent value.

Ranger Paul – I use expensive radios and had them stolen. I used complicated radios – useless. I use Auscb and finally found an authorised and approved Australian two way radio. AUSCB is right, good bang for buck.  I want a radio with range clarity and works after taking a battering . This does.  I have dropped it from my work car already a few times and I can say I am a rough bugger! 5 stars and I would say forget the other radios cheap as they are unusable in this country and that is why AUSCB is what I recommend. With 30 years a specialist in comms and like me got sick of the rip offs .

Graham – Fast delivery with 1st. class customer support & works like a dream. Could not be better!

Roy – Super fast delivery, fantastic product. Highly recommended.

D Neill – I’ve had my 2 units about a year and they’ve been better than most of my incar units, a few months ago i had to do a 400km drive towing my friend behind and we had the choice of the in car uhf’s or these. We found these much better and it made coordinating the towing job whilst driving a lot easier.

R P Blaylock, Traffic Controller – This is one of the best Radios I have come across for its price range. Compacted and strong signal with robust structure. I just bought another one.

Will – Great Product, service and fast delivery, highly recommended.

D Quant, Director – Good delivery means nothing if you don’t sell a good product. We have been using your brand radio now for more than six months in all sorts of inclement conditions they have not missed a call or let me down when they are needed, other radios have failed well before now, the quality of parts are outstanding for the small cost. Another order on the way. Thanks

D Collins – Received radio the day after ordering it. Appears robust and good reception and transmission when tested with car radio.

Paul – As a family that enjoys out great outdoors I finally got around to upgrading our very old UHF handhelds. 6 months ago I purchased one handheld from AUSCB asking with the speaker mic. I find it very handy when driving with mic clipped to my top – and was pleasantly surprised that it lasted all day on a 4wd trip with plenty of use. I have recently purchased a second unit along with stubby antennas – so that when camping the kids can have fun too. I have been very impressed with the product and have no doubt they will survive plenty of use over many years. Their construction is very solid and their performance faultless. I have provided this information voluntarily as the product and customer service provided by AUSCB has been outstanding. Cheers, Paul

Mark – Extremely fast delivery. Nice solid radio. Highly recommended.

Kiwib2005 – Brought Sunday, Shipped Monday, arrived Tuesday! Fantastic service!!!

Michael – have purchased this radio for field use and find this radio and the accessories to be just what our organisation needs for field activities and for monitoring the emergency channels

Rhys, Operations Manager – Great Service, Great product. Couldn’t recommend enough. Fantastic, thank you and will use you again in the future.

Darren –  I’ve had the AUSCB for about 3 years, I use it in my 4wd with an external magnetic base antenna on the roof, reception and TX range is great often better than in car units, once on a tag along trip the leader took off to check a track out, he told the rest of us over the radio to head down the track but no one moved after the 3rd time i jumped on my AUSCB radio and told every one to go, Asked afterwards and no one else could understand the group leader but was very clear on my AUSCB.

Kenard –  I just got this radio and found it has much better range and is clear as thank you AUSCB I am going to order another one.

James – Railway Communications – I would definitely recommend AUSCB over other brands that may be more expensive. I had another radio which cost nearly 3 times as much as is utter rubbish compared to my AUSCB. I have managed to communicate with someone nearly 40km away using the longer antenna. I think that is amazing. The radios also have a lock function which my other radio lacked. This was very annoying as it would frequently change to another channel while in a pocket and when someone needed to get in contact with you they couldn’t as it had changed. Not so with the AUSCB! The lock function keeps it on the right channel. The keypad is also very easy to use and you can go to the channel you want instantly, rather than scrolling through them all first. Definitely highly recommended. 10/10 from me.

Johannes W – Have owned my AusCB unit for over a year. Clear reception, solid and fantastic value for money. Just ordering another!

Owen K – I have been using these radios for over four years great price even better quality and are better then the big brands.

Herb – As a confused beginner I was stoked to come across this website … everything I want or need and nothing more plus valuable advice with an Australian angle that I didn’t get from hours on Youtube. Love the G-Tac and now looking forward to some extension gear and to the President. A great enjoyable deal in every regard, much appreciated. H.F.

Alex F –  A pleasure to shop there package arrived super quick and what a great idea they do when packing it makes it so much easier to open. Thank you AUS

John M – Community Emergency Radio Network – Northern Rivers – We trialed some of these a while back and they are now our recommended radio in this price range. Beats name brand hands down. Battery life is excellent, clean clear audio and simple to operate for non tech people – A real winner.

J Caldwell – This is a great, no frills, does what it says on the box and does it well handheld radio. It’s cost effective and accessories are the same. Customer service is all you might want and a bit more for good measure. I am happy to add my name to the list of satisfied customers who will recommend to anyone looking for a hand held CB radio.

Jimbo – Simple radio, great reception, good sound quality, simple layout on keypad for beginers with one button lock and easy sql adjust. I have all the antennas, the goose neck/ power coil antenna is a beast. I’ve had heaps of in car units and hand helds icom,gme,uniden,motorolla the build quaility exceeds all of these compared to price. Highly recommended radio’s with great custommer service 10/10.

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