AUSCB Tactical Antenna Relocation Kit


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The AUSCB Tactical Antenna Relocation Kit is tuned to the Australian UHF CB Band (unlike most other similar styles that are not, or don’t actually tune anywhere).

Allows you to mount your antenna remotely from your handheld in a clearer, more convenient location, like on a Molle Backpack or Vest. 

This antenna is 380mm long and the flexible antenna element can be folded in half to reduce space before operation.

Comes with a 60cm RG58 50ohm coax patch cord with SMA female jack (to radio) and SMA right-angle male plug (to antenna).

Include Molle Antenna Pouch green.

Gain 3.3 dBi

SWR <1.5:1 @ 477Mhz

SMA Female Jack fitting (on antenna base).  

Please note that this antenna will not fit the AUSCB radio directly as it’s base is too wide. Coax patch cord will fit other radios that use the same SMA fitting as the AUSCB (Uniden UH755, GME TX6600S). Not to be mounted contrary to what is indicated in this kit, ie do not connect antenna base directly on radios.  

What you need to know about antenna lengths: At Australian UHF CB frequencies – once a single element antenna (no phasing coils) starts to exceed 38-40cm, it starts to send your signal skywards, not outwards where you want it. So when you come across these fold-able style tactical antennas that are anywhere from 48-108cm long, they are just sending your signal into space.